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Delicate Hydration Cleansing Milk

Contains "hydrolyzed collagen", which effectively softens and softens the skin, regulates metabolism, protects, softens, and soothes damaged skin, and also keeps connective tissue tight and tight.

Wash your face. Makeup remover

Quick makeup remover with gentle application

Hydrating, cleansing and gentle exfoliation

3-in-1 effect|Facial cleansing. Remove makeup. Glossy and moisturizing

deep makeup remover

The moisturizing and sticky texture of sodium polyacrylate can help absorb cosmetic residues

Cleansing Milk-01.jpg

Moisturizing and cleansing

Hydrolyzed collagen effectively softens and moisturizes the skin, strengthens the function of cuticles, and is the main component of the skin's own moisturizing ability, helping to regulate and reorganize building cells.

Gentle exfoliation

Antibacterial, non-irritating, hypoallergenic ingredients

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