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brand history

With over 40 years of professional beauty foundation, GENEheal continues to create beauty miracles.


The ultimate, unquestionably outstanding and precious skin care series that is deeply loved by users.


Pursue and discover extremely rare and high-quality ingredients, use unique cutting-edge technology and complicated procedures to pursue perfect skin quality.


Once used, you will have a profound and unforgettable experience of non-invasive medical beauty effects, confirming the unprecedented outstanding results of age-freezing.


The palace-level secret of eternal true beauty, widely praised by the entire beauty industry

GENEheal and cytokines

In the world of cutting-edge technology, how important it is to communicate closely with each other! This is Geneheal’s skin beauty theory!

Cytokines are a group of proteins and polypeptides used as signals for communication between cells in organisms. They are water-soluble proteins and glycoproteins.

In addition to participating in immune diseases, inflammation and infectious diseases, cytokines are not limited to the immune system. Cytokines are also involved in multiple stages of embryonic development and are produced by a variety of cell types (such as hematopoietic and non-hematopoietic cells). And can interact with neighboring cells or the entire body. These effects are strongly dependent on the presence of other chemical factors and cytokines.

With different roles on their shoulders, the complementary affinity effects complement each other, and the precious and rare active ingredients can be fully utilized to their best functions without any hindrance.

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