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Silver Oxide Purifying Moisture Mask

Utilize the unique antibacterial and detoxifying ability of "silver oxide" for deep purification

Glycerin is also added to moisturize the skin

Deep. Cleansing

The next generation of detoxifying infused facial mask for skin exfoliation

Utilizes the unique antibacterial and detoxifying properties of silver oxide

Combined with isooctyl palmitate to absorb oil and dirt

Glyceryl stearic acid softens the cuticle

Effectively purifies pores and cleanses thoroughly


Exfoliation and whitening

Added glycerin moisturizing small molecule ingredients to quickly penetrate into the skin.

Hydrolyzed yeast protein tightens skin


Curaçao Melon Vera and North American Witch Hazel soothe skin at the same time

After use, the skin will be smooth, smooth and translucent. Continued use can strengthen the skin’s resistance.

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