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Renewal Tech Lifting Moisture White Serum

Allantoin, grape extract, sodium hyaluronate

Three major complex ingredients, bio-regeneration technology extracts the main essence, unique patented formula, and the perfect ratio of ingredients

Absolutely no irritating ingredients, extremely friendly and compatible with human skin

Powerful water injection effect

Powerful. Moisturizing

Enlarged and uneven pores, damaged by sun exposure

After undergoing laser, IPL, HIFU and minimally invasive treatmentsInstant relief

Quickly repair damaged skin

Aiming at the skin after minimally invasive treatments, it provides an efficient and perfect experience that is more moisturizing and more repairable.


Destroy sensitive skin. A lot of water injection

After treatment or when the skin is fragile due to weather changes, use it immediately for one week to quickly repair damaged skin and enhance the skin's resistance.


The moisture in the bottom of the muscle is increased, and the cells are filled with water.

The pores on the face are extremely reduced


Apply directly to the makeup-filled face before touch-up to increase the adhesion effect of touch-up without accumulation, keeping the makeup crystal clear, naturally moisturized and not dull.

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