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Detailed introduction

Unique regeneration technology GENELIFTOX100 patented formula: three major complexes of allantoin, grape extract, and sodium hyaluronate and alcohol. The proportion is just right, does not contain irritating ingredients, and is compatible with human skin. Glycerin, a moisturizing ingredient, is added to lock in moisture safely and effectively.


Especially for: 

It is suitable for fragile skin with enlarged and uneven pores, sun damage, and imbalance due to weather changes; it can also be used to instantly soothe skin after medical cosmetic or minimally invasive treatments. Continuous use for one week can quickly improve damaged skin and enhance the skin's resistance. Apply directly to the face that has been made up before touch-up, which can increase the adhesion effect of touch-up without accumulation, and keep the makeup crystal clear, naturally moisturized and not dull.

GENEliftox 100® PLUS ​ Renewal Tech Lifting Moisture White Serum

  • 50ml

  • In the morning and evening, after cleansing and toning, apply 3 drops of Regeneration Technology Micro Pore Moisturizing and Whitening Essence Alcohol evenly on the face and neck, massage gently until fully absorbed, and then continue with your normal skin care routine.

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