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Soft, moisturizing and repairing ingredients

* Hydrolyzed white rice extract

Contains vitamins B1, B2, and calcium oxide, which are safe moisturizing and anti-aging natural ingredients that help prevent wrinkles.


*Hyaluronic acid

Efficiently moisturizing, revitalizing, and guiding cell tissue regeneration, it is the main adhesive substance in skin connective tissue to support cells. Small molecules are better at repairing and regulating slightly damaged skin, or when the skin is in a fragile stage just after exfoliation or skin replacement, hyaluronic acid can always provide excellent relaxation and contraction effects.


Hypoallergenic ingredients


Extracted from Comfrey, it has the ability to protect, soothe, fight inflammation, regenerate and promote damage. It is more effective in repairing skin that has received traumatic professional care treatments.

Epidermis Supple & Regenerate Skin Conditioner

  • 150ml

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