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Detailed introduction

The formula contains allantoin, grape seed extract and sodium hyaluronate in just the right proportions, and is designed to be an immediate soothing and repairing mask after medical aesthetics or minimally invasive treatments. At the same time, it effectively tightens pores, enhances skin elasticity, quickly reduces redness, soothes and brightens. Specially added with the super-effective moisturizing ingredient "glycosyl trehalose" and "glycerin" with excellent water-locking effect, the moisture can be retained in the stratum corneum for a long time, and the moisturizing effect is extremely significant.


Once used, skin immediately becomes moisturized and rebounds, leaving it soft, white and smooth for a long time.


Applies to:

*After receiving medical aesthetics or minimally invasive treatments

* Sensitive redness

*Dry and dehydrated skin

Regenerative Technology Whitening Mask

  • 30ml x 5 pcs

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